MAMAMOO Hwasa’s New Fashion Choice Has Netizens Shocked And Confused

You be the judge.

Fans are well aware that Hwasa is known for her risque fashion choices, but no one ever prepared them for this provocative footwear made almost entirely of vinyl!


As part of their ongoing promotions for Wind Flower, Hwasa began sporting thigh-high boots as her choice of footwear. 


However, she was recently spotted with one that only she could pull off: see-through boots made of vinyl!


The unique fashion piece accented her figure and gorgeous legs, but some fans were left confused.


Especially after being reminded of J.Y Park’s iconic attempt to promote with see-through items. 


Others have been kind in terms of their comment, but many have questioned her fashion choice. They left comments such as: “It’s cellulite,” “Thought this was Park Jin Young…,” “Her feet must smell” and more.


Regardless, Hwasa literally made plastic boots happen in K-Pop history with her stunning beauty and confidence!