MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Left Everyone Dead With Her “Sexy Joker” Performance At 2019 MAMA

No one can handle all that sexual tension on stage!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has everyone talking with her latest stage at the 2019 MAMA where she turned into the sexiest Joker you’ve ever seen for her “TWIT” performance!


Wearing a neon body suit, clear plastic suit, and Joker’s signature green hair, Hwasa took over the stage as the sexiest Joker alive!


She oozed charisma as she took on her own form of Joker’s dance.


And every single expression and gesture was icing on the incredible performance!


Her performance was so hot that she immediately rose to #1 on Twitter’s Worldwide trends as everyone couldn’t stop talking about her!


Even Korean netizens were freaking out as they praised her talent and creativity!

“I f*cking loved her interpretation of Joker’s dance. She has so much talent and just completely owns the stage. She’s the f*cking best”

“She made the Joker suit out of clear plastic? That idea is gold”

“When I look at Hwasa, I realize these kinds of people were born to be celebrities. Her talent and charisma is no joke. She’s so awesome.”

“Korea is too small of a stage for Hwasa. I wish she’d break into Billboard. Her performances are a piece of art and a blessing to watch”

— Netizens


Check out more of Hwasa’s Sexy Joker below:

Source: Nate Pann and Naver TV