MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Has Been Taking China By Storm With Her New Hit Song “Maria”

Hwasa is going viral on Weibo right now:

MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s first mini-album María and its title track “Maria” have been capturing hearts from the moment they dropped on June 29 and recently, it’s been Hwasa and her title track have been receiving a particularly enthusiastic response in China.

On July 17, the official Weibo of China’s state-run CCTV chose “Maria” for the background music while reporting on the press conference introducing the new spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As it’s very rare for a Korean singer’s song to be used as the background music when it comes to reporting an official press conference in China, Hwasa and her song experienced an explosion of interest.

Less than a day after the press conference video was shared, it surpassed 3.6 million views and became a hot topic for 2 consecutive days. Additionally, Hwasa took over Weibo’s hot search as “Hwasa” and “Maria” became top searched keywords on the platform!

While Hwasa and her song “Maria” continue to spark interest in China, she also continues to capture hearts around the world. “Maria” is still maintaining top spots on the major music charts in Korea and has stayed on U.S Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Listen to the chart-topping and attention-catching song below:

Source: Osen