MAMAMOO’s Latest Teaser Features An Editing Change, And Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Was it better before or after the edit?

MAMAMOO‘s comeback is set to come out later this week, and they’ve been dropping concept photos and videos that have fans super excited! The various concepts show off MAMAMOO’s versatility and fans can’t wait to hear it. One teaser video, however, has fans’ opinions divided regarding a specific editing decision.

Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa. | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

Earlier this month during their online concert, MAMAMOO released a sneak peek at their upcoming song “mumumumuch.” It featured the members dancing poolside with green mountains behind them, looking like a late-summer bop.

| @ONEONLY619/Twitter 

Today, they uploaded a teaser video onto YouTube with the same scene — except this time, the mountains had been edited to be magenta!

| MAMAMOO/YouTube 

Some people have even pointed out that the editing ended up spreading into the members’ hair too! In this shot, Solar’s and Hwasa‘s heads have a bit of that magenta color on top of their actual hair color.

Solar (left) and Hwasa (right). | theqoo

The magenta/pink/purple has reminded fans of previous MAMAMOO videos too! In “Starry Night,” released in 2018, there are mountains full of magenta plants.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Netizens are divided on their opinions about the edit, with some saying it totally fits the K-Pop music video vibes while others are saying it looked better before.

| theqoo
  • “138. I like the changed version better, but at the same time I do wonder if this is the best they could’ve done.”
  • “139. I’m sure they have a reason for changing it this way… T-T”
  • “140. Uhm, but the previous version is better.”
  • “141. I think the changed version is pretty though.”
  • “142. I like the magenta, it’s nice. Isn’t it?”
  • “143. They’re both kind of meh-“
  • “144. Oh, the magenta version is pretty.”

“Mumumumuch” is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. KST! Check out the teaser video below.

Source: theqoo, MAMAMOO and 1theK Originals