MAMAMOO Members Reveal Their Devastating Health Conditions On Television

Each member has multiple health concerns.

MAMAMOO‘s one of the hottest girl groups right now, but their health has been revealed to be devastating as a result of their demanding career.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s Boss in the Mirror, the MAMAMOO members visited an herbal medicine clinic in order to keep their health in check ahead of their comeback.

Comebacks are the most important time. We came to the hermal medicine clinic in an effort to take care of our health.

— Solar

But the health problems that the members confessed to the doctor is much more severe than fans would’ve imagined.

Solar revealed that she has more than one health concern.

My back is the most uncomfortable part. My shoulders hurt, and my intestines aren’t doing so well. I have constipation.

— Solar

Meanwhile, Hwasa shared that she has sleeping concerns.

I have insomnia. And my fatigue is serious.

— Hwasa

And Moonbyul expressed her concern regarding her yellow face and eyes.

My face and eyeballs are yellow. When I got my eyes checked at a doctor’s office, they said everything was fine.

— Moonbyul

Moreover, Wheein complained of her physical pains from a past injury.

I have shoulder aches and an ankle injury. I tore my ligament two times in the past.

— Wheein

Regarding the revelation of the members’ health concerns, Solar expressed her sympathy and concern ahead of their schedules.

I felt upset and felt pity for them while hearing them list their pains to the herbal doctor. I’m worried for my fellow members because I know what kind of schedules they have up ahead.

— Solar

Let’s hope MAMAMOO tends to their conditions for the sake of their wellbeings.

Because their health should always come first!

Source: Dispatch