[★VIDEO] MAMAMOO performs a powerful number on “Immortal Song 2”

Rookie girl group MAMAMOO showcases another outstanding stage, beating out a senior group competitor on KBS’ Immortal Song 2.

On February 14th, idol group MAMAMOO made an appearance alongside other notable singers such as duo Davichi, group S‘ Lee Jihoon and Kangta, HommeYoon Min Soo, and more. MAMAMOO performed their rendition of Lee Moon Sae’s “Flying, Deep into the Night”.

The girls did not disappoint as they showcased a powerful performance with their strong vocals, dance, and stage presence. MAMAMOO also added a bit of a Latin twist towards the end of their performance, with the audience cheering them on.

Davichi’s Kang Minkyung complimented the girls’ on their stage saying, “It was so cute and powerful. They said they were 21 years old, but suddenly it seemed like adults emerging. They were so cool.”

Davichi’s Lee Haeri also praised them saying, “They give a feel that doesn’t usually come out at their age.”

Going against their seniors, Kangta and Lee Ji Hoon, MAMAMOO managed to win with 418 points against 391 points. However, performer Yoon Min Soo took the final win for the show.

MAMAMOO previously trended on Korean search site Naver after performing a stylish rendition of “Wait A Minute” by Joo Hyun Mi on Immortal Song 2, and thanked their fans via SNS for the support. The girls were also included on Billboard’s list of “Top 5 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2015” with other rookies like G-Friend, G.Soul, Jooyoung, and upcoming boy group iKON.

Check out their performance below!


Source: Osen