MAMAMOO Reveals Their Agency Made This Horrible Comment About Their Visuals When They Were Trainees

Their agency told them…

MAMAMOO guest starred on Life Bar, where they talked about their pre-debut days as trainees.


When they were just trainees preparing to debut, MAMAMOO’s agency told them that they’ll need something extra because they can’t debut as a “pretty girl group“.


Since their agency didn’t think MAMAMOO could succeed with their visuals, they made the members train extra hard to hone their skills in singing and dancing.

“We didn’t have official plans [for our concept] but our agency told us that we can’t debut as a pretty girl group. They said since we’re not pretty, we have to be talented. They made us practice a lot.

It also motivated us to become better at singing and dancing.

We love the image that we have now. ”

— Solar


The rigorous training is what produced MAMAMOO’s signature playful-yet-fierce image as a powerhouse girl group!


Moonbyul and Wheein added in that their agency doesn’t particularly degrade them for their visuals. They just meant that “there are already so many pretty [idols]” in the industry that they needed something extra to stand out.


Whatever the case, MAMAMOO prevailed not as a vocal powerhouse but for their powerful visuals as well!

Source: Sports Today