MAMAMOO’s Solar Confesses Her Current Extreme Diet Causes Her Eyes To Lose Focus

She revealed what she eats in a day.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared that she was undergoing a diet. As she had been chosen to model in a shoot for a male magazine, she decided to undergo a transformative diet to best prepare for the shoot. She told the story on KBS2‘s Boss in the Mirror.

She succeeded in losing 7.4% of fat through extreme exercise and food control over two months. However, Solar shared that it came at a high cost. Although she wowed the crowd with her sharp jawline and tight abs, even the panelists on the show commented that she looked quite tired and drawn out due to the diet. MC Jun Hyun Moo stated that it was his first time seeing Solar look like that and that she had no focus in her eyes.

Solar herself confessed, “Every moment is hard and my eyes lose focus.” She shared that on that day when she went to meet the trainer at the gym, she had only eaten some lettuce, 150g of beef, two boiled eggs, and half an apple.

While unhealthy diets should not be condoned, as it is part of her job, Solar has no choice but to undergo such strenuous diets. She has over a month left until the shoot. Here’s hoping she will recover her health soon! Check out how hard she works at the gym below.

Source: Insight