MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Lament The Most Overlooked Risk Of Long Hair Extensions

This could definitely ruin your hair!

MAMAMOO is a group beloved for their openness and honesty. This openness is precisely what Moonbyul and Solar delivered to their Moomoos when they decided to share a conversation on the downsides of long hair extensions during behind-the-scenes for their WAW concert.

| @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

Moonbyul had been acting as MAMAMOO’s private interviewer and, after talking to Wheein, decided Solar would be her next target.

She approached Solar as she was getting her makeup done. Solar asked editing to cover her no-makeup face for the moment, which they kindly did with a photoshopped face mask.

While talking, Moonbyul immediately took note of the length of Solar’s current hair extensions.

Her hair’s pretty long. This…You need to be careful with this hair when you poop. When it gets a bit longer… it’ll touch the toilet… Has that ever happened?


Some might be overwhelmed at such an invasive question, but Solar owned up to it, saying, “ I have.”

She continued by sharing her thoughts when her hair hit the bowl. Solar said, “and I’m like, ‘What the heck’ and I wiped with tissue.”

Interviewer Moonbyul came out with the hard-hitting questions, asking, “did you wash that hairpiece? Or not?”

As this wasn’t a recent experience, Solar had to answer honestly. “I don’t know,” she joked.

Moonbyul acted the reporter well by ending the interview like an actual report.

 It’s up to your imagination on what kind of hairpiece Solar dropped in the toilet…That’ll be all, Solar.


Unfortunately, Moonbyul may not be getting the best reviews from her interviewee as Solar exasperatedly called after her, “you only talked about toilet!”

This may be a TMI, but we appreciate MAMAMOO’s willingness to share their good and bad experiences with their fans. While unexpected, this is a good food-for-thought for anyone thinking about getting long extensions in the future. To see the full concert behind-the-scenes, check out the video below: