MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals What Her Fortune For 2021 Is After A Tarot Card Reading

“I’m curious about those things.”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently went to get a tarot card reading for her life in 2021, and revealed the results as well!

On the latest episode of Solarsido S2, Solar went to get a fortune reading for 2021, where she asked questions related to her health, money, as well as questions about her career as an entertainer!


When asked for her first question, Solar immediately enquired about her health for the year 2021!

In 2021, regarding my health. For instance, if there will be an accident, or if I’ll get sick. Are there things like that? I’m curious about those things.


In response, the tarot card reader first told her that since it’s just a fortune reading to not depend on it completely and to just be mindful of it instead. She then proceeded to read out her fortune to her for 2021, as was seen in the cards!

First, your health in 2021…it’s completely leaning to one side. Not in a good way, but a bad way. Actually it’s hard to say that it’s bad with just this one card. But looking at the next [card’s] meaning, it seems that you are overworking. It means that your work will go well. But since work will go well, of course, you’ll be overworked. You have to see it as you possibly suffering from chronic fatigue.

So throughout the whole of next year [2021], you have to pay attention to your bronchial tubes or irritation of your throat. Your body condition will be constantly tired or fatigued. You can see it as chronic fatigue. But you’d still be able to manage all of your schedules. You’d be able to even if you force yourself. Pushing your strength with your willpower. So you will be able to do all your work smoothly, but nobody will know how hard you’re working at all.

—Tarot Card Reader


With regards to her career, Solar was told that her solo and group activities for the year look good, but come with their own set of problems as well!

So, you’ll be focusing more on solo activities in 2021, right? This time, your solo activities will go well. In the third quarter [of 2021], you could do group activities at the same time again. So, with the things you already have, a situation will come about where you have to protect them. In the third quarter, there will definitely be a lot of work. There will be a lot of work, and you’d feel the physical limitations of dealing with both solo and group activities. But even though there will be physical limitations, looking at the cards themselves, you’d be very happy. And there’s the appearance of a person who succeeded in something. Even if there is a lot of work in the third quarter, I think you’ll be able to have fun doing them all.

First, telling you the results of your work fortune in the 4th quarter. It shows something comes true, is achieved, or awarded, or whether it’s as a group or solo, you set a record that’s higher than what you already held. That’s the result. Looking at the result, it could be difficult for you. It’s not that you’d face some sort of problem. But’s its one of two things. You’re really tired from being so busy working, or you’re so busy that you no longer want to deal with it. It’s one of those two things.

—Tarot Card Reader

Regarding the large amount of work, the tarot reader also gave her sufficient advice to be able to deal with it as well!

The advice cards say that you could already be in the position to control some sort of situation. You have to cooperate and mediate well. In the 4th quarter, the lovers’ card appeared upside-down right? Interpreting the keywords as it is, it’s “false love”. Being betrayed by someone you trust. It’s something like that.

—Tarot Card Reader


When it came to Solar’s finances, the tarot card showed that in 2021, they were already at a good start!

There was a card that appeared upside-down earlier. It appeared upright this time, right? It has a good meaning, the start is good. So, next year, you need to build trust with people you trust in the first half of the year, and earn lots of money. Actually, rather than a lot of money, it says you earn an adequate amount. So rather than money, this shows that you’ll build a close trust with people around you.

In other words, what you earn will be an average income. But a lot of opportunities will come in the first half of the year. The fact that this was the reading for your money fortune means that there’s not much change in your finances, actually.

—Tarot Card Reader

Even though Solar’s 2021 starts off with a bang monetarily, when it came to the rest of the year, it changed to a more average income, comparatively.

First, there’s the “King Of Wands” [card]. This means you’ll be busy. So, there will be a lot of work. You can see it as you being active to the point of being out of breath in some areas [of work]. But this card appeared upside down when looking at it from your point of view. This appearing upside-down means…[it’s not good].

You worked a lot, but the monetary income that comes to you could be either a bit less than the first half of the year, or your balance could be pushed back a lot.

—Tarot Card Reader

The tarot reader also explained what causes the shift in income amount for Solar!

Why does that happen…Telling you bluntly, there’s someone who disrupts things in the middle. So you won’t be able to receive proper payment or it would be delayed.

—Tarot Card Reader

Here’s to hoping for a great year of both Solar and MAMAMOO!

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