MAMAMOO’s Wheein’s New Hair Color Has Fans Convinced She’s Becoming Her Cat

They say pets resemble their owners…

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein has rocked a full rainbow of stunning hair colors over the past seven years with the group including black, blue, bleach blonde, and red.

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However, fans weren’t prepared for her to completely slay them with a foray into the copper family. That is until the release of the most recent teaser for MAMAMOO’s upcoming “WAW” concert.


In the trailer, Wheein has her new fiery orange locks on display as the group recreates moments from their “Don’t Be Happy” MV.

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Fans were taken by surprise with this look as all her teaser content for this concert had previously shown her with black hair.

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On Twitter, fans couldn’t help but express their love for this new color on Wheein. Moomoos were simply shook by this new look:

But then some fans started to notice a weird coincidence:

Fans have decided that Wheein has taken her love for her cat, Ggomo, to the next level by twinning with the feline:

Fans were so convinced, that when Wheein was trending for this new look they wondered why Ggomo wasn’t trending with her.

Fans have now rebranded this era as the “Ggomofication of Wheein”:

There are some who want to see the pair work together:

All we can be sure of is that whenever we get photos of the pair together, it’s sure to be a cuteness explosion.

And the Wheein/Ggomo memes will continue to be top tier:

What do you think of Wheein’s new hair color? Do you see her resemblance to her adorable cat? Let us know and to see MAMAMOO’s full concert trailer, check out the video below: