MAMAMOO’s Wheein Revealed To Have Injured Her Neck During Dance Practice

She sat out of schedules for the day.

It has been reported that MAMAMOO‘s Wheein has injured her neck during practice. This comes at an extremely critical time as the group has just made a comeback with “AYA”.

In their appearance dated 12 November 2020, on MBC FM4U‘s Jung Oh’s Hope Song with Kim Shin Young, only Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa had attended. The girls explained that Wheein was unable to attend due to health reasons.

| RBW Entertainment

MC Kim Shin Young revealed that Wheein had experienced neck disk herniations. Solar continued that Wheein had gotten injured during practice. RBW Entertainment reportedly told media outlets that she will be receiving consultation and treatment at the hospital, and that they would be updating her condition once the doctor has spoken.

On the other hand, MAMAMOO is in the midst of promoting their new album, TRAVEL. Check out their music video for “AYA” below while staying tuned for updates.

Source: Star Today