Man Arrested After Video Of Him Allegedly Stalking And Exposing Himself To A Korean Vlogger Goes Viral

The vlogger was traveling alone.

An Indian man has been arrested after a video showing him allegedly following and exposing his genitals to a vlogger went viral online.

On April 17, Korean vlogger JennBae visited Pachetia Hill in Jodhpur, a city in India’s Rajasthan state known for its blue homes and ruins of an ancient fort. The location is a massive tourist attraction and boasts a beautiful view.

From the start of the short viral clip, the man can be seen in the background of the vlogger’s video and follows her along the stairs of the tourist attraction, walking ahead of her at one point.

When the vlogger attempts to go past him, the man exposes his genitals to her.

The vlogger calls for help as the man walks towards her with his hands outstretched. The vlogger screams for help again before the clip shared online ends. In JennBae’s full video, she manages to run away from the man before continuing her vacation.

After the vlogger shared the video online, the clip went viral, being shared on Twitter by the Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson, Swati Maliwal, who called the incident “extremely disgusting and shameful.

JennBae shared that the incident occurred last summer, but local police quickly identified the man. As the vlogger did not file a complaint, the police are said to have arrested him for disturbing the peace and are currently evaluating his mental health.

You can check out JennBae’s full video of the incident below, starting at 12:20.


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