The Man Who Hilariously Complained About Having To Eat Nuggets For Days Due To His ARMY Wife, Has Now Gotten His Wish

The universe works in strange ways.

A hilarious comment was recently discovered on YouTube about BTS‘s recent collaboration with  McDonald’s. As everyone knows by now, the boy group worked on a special nuggets meal with the fast-food chain, producing two very special selected sauces, Sweet Chili and Cajun, to go along with McDonald’s trademark chicken McNuggets. However, one poor husband had something to say.

BTS, I’m making a request of you with the utmost respect and politeness. Please can you do advertisements for fishing equipment or camping equipment instead? I’ve been eating nuggets for a side dish a week straight. My wife keeps buying them on the way home… I mix the cajun sauce into my rice and I put nuggets in my salad… I really worked hard to eat them… I think if you guys do an advertisement for a good quality tent, my wife will buy it too. So please…

— Man with ARMY wife

| theqoo

Well, the universe works in strange ways for on July 19, 2021, the man got his wish. BTS was announced to be having a collaboration with Helinox, a camping equipment brand. They have released a new purple range of tents with the BTS logo on them.

While most teenaged ARMYs will be wondering what they can do with a tent, at least BTS made this one man very happy!

Source: theqoo