(★BREAKING) Man Caught Trying To Shoot Hidden Camera Footage Of Female Rookie Idols

A man secretly filmed Dreamcatcher.

At a recent Dreamcatcher fansign, fans realized that a man was wearing hidden camera glasses.


They reported the man as soon as they realized it, but the staff on site didn’t catch him before he got through all the members. They eventually kicked him out, but it’s unsure if any further action were taken.

“I’m so pissed I have to upload this photo of the man with the hidden camera at Dreamcatcher’s fan signing.” — @Jiutopia0517


A similar incident occurred at a GFRIEND fansign, in which the members first identified the hidden camera.

Eventually Yerin brought it to the manager’s attention — they confiscated the glasses and the man was kicked out.


South Korean women have been facing a crisis with hidden cameras crimes, and girl groups are no exception to this issue. Women in South Korea have been victimized by hidden cameras for years, and it has become so frequent that it is now being referred to as an epidemic.

There have been several huge scale protests recently, demanding fairer investigations and more severe punishments for those who commit sexual assault with these hidden cameras.


The incidents with Dreamcatcher and GFRIEND have also become a part of the narrative surrounding these hidden camera crimes and protests against them.

“I heard that the ‘Hidden Camera Glasses Man’ that went to the GFRIEND fansign went to a Dreamcatcher fansign. I ask the music industry and companies to take action against these ‘Hidden Camera Glasses Men’. If you do so, there will be no more victims.” — @mymuse_Hanatan

“Seeing as how he showed this side of himself again after causing a huge scandal with GFRIEND, shows that he doesn’t see the problem with his actions. I hope that this “Hidden Camera Glasss Man” will be punished. Please take interest in the human rights of female idols, and use the hashtags below. #GirlGroupFansign_HiddenCameraGlassesMan #GirlGroupFansign_HiddenCameraGlassesMan_out” — @mymuse_Hanatan


Source: Dispatch