Man In Early 20’s Scams BTS And EXO Fans Out Of Over $11,000

This is not his first time either.

A man in his early 20’s has been caught by the police for scamming fans out of over 13 million KRW ($11,476 USD) by pretending to sell concert tickets of popular idol groups such as BTS and EXO.

According to the Hyehwa Police Station, the 21-year-old was arrested on fraud charges on the 15th and his case sent to prosecution on the 18th.


The man had apparently shared fraudulent posts claiming to sell concert tickets on an online cafe and on Twitter and succeeded in scamming 40 victims out of 13.27 million KRW ($11,714 USD).

“I’m selling tickets for BTS Love Yourself concert
I will be unable to go due to personal circumstances
I put a lot of effort into getting these tickets…so I’m really sad…
It’s in the floor area near the front. Please DM me if you’re interested (I haven’t received the tickets yet so I’ll send them out as soon as I get them)
#LoveYourselfTickets #BTS #LoveYourselfConcert Price 200,000 KRW”


He deceived the victims by adding images of concert tickets shared by other people online into his posts and even changed his Twitter ID after a few of the victims found out about his scam.

“Selling BTS floor tickets
I’m not adding much premium and selling for exactly 250,000 KRW. Please contact me if you’re interested!! Oh, shipping costs are separate
#LoveYourselfTickets #BTS #Tickets #FloorTickets”


Most of the victims were revealed to be women in their 20’s who were trying to by tickets to BTS’ concerts. The police explained that the man received a total of 8.35 million KRW ($7,371 USD) from 28 people in this way.


The man also received money for EXO and H.O.T concert tickets in addition to BTS’ concert tickets. Having committed the same crime in the past, he stated during the police investigations that he committed the act again to “earn living expenses“.

Source: Dispatch