Married Top Star Caught On A Luxurious Golf Trip With Escorts And An Entertainment Agency CEO

They were caught in Japan.

A married top star in his 40s has been caught in a scandal for going golfing with escorts in Japan. The escorts belong to an establishment that caters to Koreans in Japan.

SBS News attained a verified exclusive, which caught the star and the CEO of a Korean entertainment company going to a luxurious golf resort in the Chiba prefecture. They were sighted there on the morning of October 31, 2022. They were with two women in their 30s and 40s as they played a round.

The entertainment agency CEO had paid for all the expenses, including dinner and drinks, using his company card. When questioned, he had explained that “the meeting was meant to discuss casting the star in a Korea-Japan collaborative drama and had been arranged a month before, making it hard to cancel suddenly.

It did not explain why they had dinner and drinks in addition to golfing with the escorts. Representatives from the top star deflected claims that he was aware of the background of the escorts.

He did not know that the women worked as escorts. They were said to be acquaintances of the CEO, and right before golfing was the first time he saw them. It is normal to eat together after golfing. So to say, he had dinner with them but did not even go to the bar.

— Representative of the top star

On the other hand, the entertainment agency CEO claimed he had been introduced to the girls through another friend.

The woman acquaintance who was originally supposed to show up was sick, so she hurriedly introduced women that could golf and were fluent in Japanese. Although it occurred to me later on that the business-oriented meeting could be interpreted in an unsavory way, it was simply a matter that occurred because I could not speak the language fluently in a foreign environment.


The identity of both the top star and the CEO remains under wraps.

Source: SBS