MBC’s “Real Men” states Super Junior’s Kangin will not be joining the show

With Super Junior‘s Kangin currently under the spotlight for not attending his mandatory reserve forces training, Real Men has spoken up on the possibility of him joining the show.

According to PD Kim Min Jong on April 17th, “There were no initial plans of Kangin to further star in the show after his last recordings. He will no longer appear on the show. As this decision has been made separate from his recent controversy, we have nothing more to comment on his leave.”

Reportedly, Kangin has been called to attend his mandatory reserve forces training since discharging in 2012. However, he has been absent for every sessions, which includes 72 hours worth of trainings for the last two years.

Alongside Kangin, 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol has been reported to be absent from his mandatory reserve forces training. Although both agencies have admitted the absences from the trainings, they have stated that they were unintentional.

Source: TV Report