MCs Constantly Bring Up Nam Tae Hyun On WINNER Shows, Seunghoon Finally Shut Them Down

“It hurts the fans and I don’t want that.”

WINNER has long been a VIP guest on Radio Star because the boys know how to add their fun personalities to the show. Whenever a WINNER member appeared on the show, however, host Kim Gu Ra would ask about former member Nam Tae Hyun which made many fans uncomfortable.


When it was announced that Seunghoon would be appearing on a recent episode of Radio Star, fans worried that Nam Tae Hyun’s name would be brought up in relation to WINNER again. While Nam Tae Hyun was indeed brought up during the epsiode, it was actually WINNER’s Seunghoon who broached the subject.


Seunghoon claimed Yang Hyun Suk is “uncomfortable with Kim Gu Ra mentioning Nam Tae Hyun and YG Entertainment together all the time.”


Then, by comparing the whole thing to divorce, Seunghoon nonchalantly shut down Kim Gu Ra for once and for all.

“It’s kind of like when a married couple gets a divorce.” — Seunghoon


Seunghoon explained how the situation is similar to the way divorce doesn’t necessarily hurt the parties involved, but the kids forced to go through the experience.

“The couple splitting up gets through it and is okay, but the kids are severely affected.” — Seunghoon

“Just like that, I can talk about it because I’m the immediate party involved, but it hurts the fans and I don’t want that.” — Seunghoon


Kim Gu Ra was speechless for a brief moment, as he tried to process the comparison to divorce — perhaps to his own.

“I mean… if you put it like that… with divorce and kids… I can’t…” — Kim Gu Ra


WINNER fans absolutely loved how Seunghoon masterfully handled the whole situation.

  • “I love that Seunghoon was simply trying to draw the line, but Kim Gu Ra looked so destroyed.”
  • “The mouth on this boy! Seunghoon is such a presence. I love him.”
  • “FINALLY! Preach it, Seunghoon. Maybe Kim Gu Ra will take the hint and stop now.”
  • “Wow, Seunghoon is such a witty savage.”
  • “Where does he learn to talk like that? He was humorous but still firm.”
  • “I can’t even, with the way he thinks about his fans… I’m not even a WINNER fan but I’m in love.”