Korean Media Predicts That Lovelyz May Be Heading For Disbandment Due To Failed Contract Negotiations 

Will the girl group fall to the 7-year curse?

According to Korean media site Tenasia, the future of Lovelyz is looking more grim than not, as they discussed the realities of the group’s upcoming contract negotiations. With the girl group’s debut back in November 2014, the ladies of Lovelyz are quickly nearing their 7th anniversary. As South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission put a 7-year limit on entertainment contracts, this is typically the time when idol groups come together to either renew their contracts or to move on with their careers.

Lovelyz | Woollim Entertainment

With that said, according to industry insiders, it’s been reported that the ladies of Lovelyz and their agency Woollim Entertainment have yet to reach an agreement regarding their contract renewals. Seeing as November is just one month away, this has created a bit of concern for Lovelyz fans.

| Woollim Entertainment

According to the reports, the girls have been in contract negotiations since July 2021. The issue arose when only some of the members were willing to renew their contracts. While all 8 members were willing to continue as a group, it has been said that some of them did not want to remain under Woollim Entertainment any longer. And with that kind of uncertainty, the ability to continue as Lovelyz altogether also became a negotiation topic.

In addition to that, the girl group has steadily made a comeback every 5-6 months during their career. Their last comeback was over a year ago, however, when the girls released their seventh mini-album Unforgettable, adding onto the overall concerns of a possible disbandment.

Lovelyz’s last album “Unforgettable” | Woollim Entertainment

Nothing has been confirmed nor denied by Woollim Entertainment so stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Tenasia