Michael Bublé voices out his dislike towards PSY’s “DADDY”

While the majority of fans who watched PSY‘s latest viral music video “DADDY,” one person has voiced out their dislike towards the Korean entertainer’s newest track.

On December 1st (local time), the Canadian and Grammy Award-winning crooner Michael Bublé watched the music video for the first time along with TODAY host Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. But while Hoda seemed in love with the music video and track, Kathie and Bublé showed their distaste for it.

Bublé stated, “I don’t got it. Honestly, this just made me really sad. I don’t want to live in this world anymore,” and If this is what we have to look forward to at the Grammy’s next year, I’m out! Out.”

He continued, “Maybe I”m just over the hill or something. I don’t get it anymore,” and “I realized just watching that, something is wrong in my life. I’m now only going to make techno music. And I’m doing a sex tape! That’s the next Christmas special.”

However, Bublé’s son seems to think opposite than his father (of course, he’s still young) and looks to be enjoying PSY’s new hopping dance track as he is seen dancing to it along with his father.

Bublé shared a new video on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, stating, “What can I say? He’d rather listen to this than his daddy #I<3PSY #Noah<3PsyMore.”

Meanwhile, PSY’s “DADDY” is in its 3rd day since release and has accumulated over 22 million views on YouTube.

What can I say ? He'd rather listen to this than his daddy #I❤️psy #noah❤️psymore

Posted by Michael Bublé on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Source: Today