Fourth-Generation Idol Group Terminates Contract With Label

The CEO reportedly decided to the group go for their future.

Fourth-generation idol group mimiirose has left YES IM Entertainment.

Mimiirose | YES IM Entertainment

On November 21, 10Asia reported that mimiirose had recently agreed to terminate their exclusive contract with YES IM Entertainment. It is reported that the move was made in order for the group to continue their idol career.

Mimiirose is widely expected to sign with a new label, giving the group a fresh start.

Lim Chang Jung

Previously, Lim Chang Jung, the legendary singer and CEO of Yesiam Entertainment, was implicated in a widely publicized stock manipulation scandal. At the time, the singer denied any involvement and claimed that he was also a victim.

Reports state that the singer, understanding the negative impact his scandal had on the group, decided to release them from the contract. Lim Chang Jung is believed to have invested ₩15.0 billion KRW (about $11.6 million USD) into the group’s debut and career thus far.

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Source: tv report