Min Reveals She Joined Miss A When They Were Already Formed—Here’s How The Members Reacted

She was the last member to join the already formed Miss A, and she shared how her members reacted to that!

Former Miss A member Min recently sat down for an interview, and talked about the time she first joined the group, 11 years ago!

Min | @therealminnn/Instagram

Min sat down for an interview with singer and composer eSNa, where she opened up about her time as a trainee under JYP Entertainment, whether she keeps in touch with her members, and more!

Min also revealed that she was the last member to join Miss A, and only practiced with them for about a month or so before they made their debut in July 2010. Before Min joined them, Fei, Jia, and Suzy were already a trio that was referred to as Miss A, and had even had pre-debut promotional activities in China.

Fei, Jia, and Suzy in China | @ Suzyholic’s 3rd Channel/Youtube

Referring to that, eSNa asked Min what it was like when the other members found out that there would be a new person joining them, making them a 4-member team.

How was it when they found out that there was gonna be another member?


Min revealed that the members had actually really liked it, and welcomed her warmly as a new member! As she had been a trainee under JYP Entertainment for around 8 years, with the exception of Suzy, who only trained for 9 months, she already knew fellow trainees Fei and Jia pretty well, and so joined the group seamlessly!

They liked it! I knew them. I didn’t know Suzy because she only practiced for around…maybe 9 months? And I knew about Fei and Jia because they were the Chinese girls who danced really well in Korea.

So I knew about them, because I was a trainee as well, and they knew about me too. And we met once or twice in Korea, so we knew about each other.


Min then shared that they didn’t have any trouble whatsoever in the beginning, and debuted to great success with their first-ever song, “Bad Girl Good Girl”!

| JYP Entertainment

Even though they disbanded in 2017, fans still remember them for their top-tier discography, and miss them dearly!

Watch Min talk about it here!

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