Minah tells Boyfriend her male group crush on “Entertainment Weekly”

Who is Girl’s Day Minah‘s crushing on nowadays? In an interview with KBS Entertainment Weekly, Minah reveals which male group member she is interested in these days.

Airing on March 28th, various idols were recorded giving Minah a special interview question, in which male idol group Boyfriend adorably asked her which boy group member she was interested in lately.

Laughing at their reactions while asking the question, Minah honestly answered and without hesitating, Eric (of Shinhwasunbaenim.” She adds that not only is Eric’s presence is charming, but he is even more so when he talks.

The MC then asked Minah to give a video letter to Boyfriend, to which she could only give an adorable aegyo whine.

Currently, Minah is promoting her debut solo track “I Am A Woman Too,” for which she gained her first music show win on MBC‘s Music Champion.

Source: Newsen and XSports News