Here’s What SHINee’s Minho Did For Jonghyun At The SMTOWN Concert

Minho continues to show subtle gestures to acknowledge his beloved member.

SHINee recently performed at the SMTOWN 2018 Live in Osaka, which was held from July 28th to July 30th, along with the other SM artists.


During the 3-day concert, the talented idols performed their hit songs including “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “Everybody”, “Tell Me Your Name” and many more.


At the end of their performances, Minho extended his arm out to Jonghyun and made sure to let the audience know that he was and will always be acknowledged.


During SHINee’s 10-year anniversary fan meeting, Minho had asked fans to remember Jonghyun forever.

“I hope fans will continue to remember Jonghyun forever.” ㅡ Minho


And he has continued to acknowledge Jonghyun in many ways to show that he is still remembered. He not only copied Jonghyun’s signature pose…


But he also wore Jonghyun’s in-ear…


And continues to make subtle gestures to commemorate the cherished SHINee member.


Fans were touched and expressed their everlasting support for the legendary 5-member idol group.

  • “SHINee is truly an amazing group…They really do their best in everything they do…SHINee will always have 5 members. I’ll always support and love you all.”
  • “It’s so sweet of Minho to reach his arm out like that. I know Jonghyun was probably there with them on that day. I miss him so much. Love you SHINee.”
  • “I became emotional after seeing that photo…No matter what anyone says, SHINee will always be 5 members!”
Source: Pann Nate