MINX releases new dance practice video for “Why Did You Come to My House?”

MINX releases a new dance practice video, revealing the full extent of their new updated choreography for their title track “Why Did You Come To My House?” involving the use of skateboards.

Rookie group MINX who debuted with “Why Did You Come to My House?” in early September, recently changed their stage to incorporate skateboards! Jiu, Siyeon, Sua, Yoohyeon and Dami introduce themselves with their personalized skateboards at the beginning of the video showing off their bright and playful personalities.

This dance practice proves that MINX is not just another girl group. With their fast-paced choreography, the girls demonstrate their powerful and sexy choreography that shows attitude while still expressing a fun side. Their dance practice draws attention to how in-sync and clean the girls perform their choreography alone, with a partner, as well as using their skateboard prop!

Check out their impressive practice video below!