[★VIDEO] Minzy spotted in LA Dance class performing choreography

A video was uploaded on January 28th, featuring Minzy along with a couple other dancers performing Antoine Troupe’s choreography for Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” which was taught at a workshop in a Los Angeles dance studio.

In the video, fans can see the 2NE1 dancer perform a different type of choreography, which she dances whole heartedly to, among fellow students. Although the group performs the same choreography, everyone has a distinct style, including Minzy whose unique style fans are familiar with.

The idol is dressed comfortably in a mesh black top and Adidas sweats and seems to fit right in with the class as she cheers for fellow students and watches others with her full attention.

Antoine Troupe is a Los Angeles based choreographer who has worked with A-list stars including Chris Brown, Prince, and Cee-Lo.

Check out the video below! Minzy performs with a group around the 1:35 mark and can be seen in the background in other shots as well.