MiuMiu Korean Ambassadors Shine Bright At “Paris Fashion Week”

Hard to choose who looks best 😍

Paris Fashion Week has had its fair share of Korean stardom this year, as idols and actors from the industry stunned on the red carpets for a number of luxury brands. MiuMiu’s show today was no different, with three standout idols — all from different generations of K-Pop — making heads turn and proving the timeless appeal of Korean fashion icons once again.


1. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

First up, the ethereal beauty from the iconic group Girl’s Generation, Yoona. She donned a light brown jacket shirt-sleeved sweater and skirt three-piece, showcasing MiuMiu’s talent for intricate woven details.

The gorgeous ensemble celebrated her graceful figure, allowing her the freedom to move yet hinting at structure and elegance. Paired with knee-high black boots and a matching light brown leather bag, the outfit was complete.

However, what truly highlighted her presence was her hair, which was left flowing freely, emphasizing her innocent and fresh visuals. Yoona’s chic appearance at the event reaffirmed her long-standing image as a fashion trendsetter.

2. TWICE’s Momo

Following up was TWICE’s Momo, an idol known for her impeccable fashion sense and fierce dance moves. Momo showcased “Look 24” from the MiuMiu Fall 2023 “Ready-to-Wear Collection.” The tight black dress with short sleeves made her look every bit the glamorous idol she is.

Her light brown fluffy handbag and matching black boots were the perfect accessories to the dress. And of course, fans were delighted to see her in her signature hairdo — a bob with neat bangs — making her look effortlessly chic.

3. IVE’s Wonyoung

Last, but by no means least, the rising star from IVE, Wonyoung. Her choice of outfit mirrored the brown theme of the day, with a fabulous MiuMiu jacket and skirt two-piece.

Wonyoung added her personal touch by pairing the ensemble with a brown leather Hobo bag and eye-catching patent leather slingbacks with stylish buckles. To top it off, she wore dazzling crystal MiuMiu earrings that shimmered with every move.

Her long hair, let down with trendy bangs, framed her face beautifully, making her look both youthful and sophisticated.

While each idol slayed in her individual right, fans were ecstatic to see interactions among the ambassadors. Particularly exciting was the moment Momo took pictures with both Wonyoung and Yoona. These snapshots symbolized the unifying power of fashion and the mutual respect among artists from different K-Pop generations.

The internet is now buzzing with anticipation, with fans fervently hoping for a picture featuring the trio together, a true testament to the universal appeal of these stars.

Yoona, Momo, and Wonyoung’s individual and collective charisma left an indelible mark, reminding everyone of Korea’s ever-evolving influence in the world of fashion.