Mnet Is Accused Of “Hiding” Behind BoA During “Street Man Fighter” Controversy And Is Criticized For Staying Silent

Do you believe Mnet should step up?

Controversy over Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter shows no signs of dying down.

Street Man Fighter poster | Mnet

What was first audience’s criticism over the judges’ decision has now bubbled over into a full-blown rebuke of the show’s qualifications and its lack of accountability to the dancers.

Street Man Fighter judges from left: Eunhyuk, BoA, Wooyoung | @boakwon/Instagram

Until now, the judges were mainly in the crosshair of fans’ ire, with BoA being its main recipient, but journalists in Korea have now begun to accuse Mnet of hiding behind their judges and criticized their silence throughout the controversy.

In an article written by a Jtbc journalist, Park Sang Hoo, which is quickly going viral, the article places blame on Mnet for casting three idols to be the show’s judges, despite audiences’ protests.

Despite past controversies over idol judges on the prior season of “Street Woman Fighter,” the show’s producers ignored their audiences and pushed forward with their casting.

— Park Sang Hoo

The article then blasts Mnet for staying quiet over the most recent controversy, while BoA, Super Junior Eunhyuk, and 2PM’s Wooyoung received heavy criticism.

While the cast was subject to criticism, rather than shielding them from criticism, Mnet remained steadfast in their silence. The one to act against the malicious comments was none other than, BoA and Eunhyuk’s label, SM Entertainment. The label cleaned up the mess that was made irresponsibly by another.

— Park Sang Hoo

The article goes on to lambaste the network’s silence, arguing the network should have made a statement to protect the cast members rather than hide behind them.

Isn’t Mnet known for having a big mouth? Instead, they hide behind the judges and their labels without uttering a word. At this point, it is common sense that they should release a statement explaining why their judges were cast, their credentials, and their process of judging, but, they are silent.

— Park Sang Hoo

Mnet has yet to make any statement regarding the recent controversy.

Controversy sprang over Street Man Fighter’s latest episode when the judges decided to forfeit their votes during a battle between Prime Kingz‘s Trix and Band Two BrothersJ ROC, leading to another round in which J ROC was named the winner. Audiences were upset as they believed Trix defeated J ROC in the original round and that an additional round should not have been necessary.

Judges forfeiting their votes | Mnet

Source: JTBC and Celuv Media