Mnet Cuts Controversial Scene From “Street Woman Fighter 2” After Allegations Of Racism

“The racism is really showing.”

Drama unfolded off the screen when a preview scene from the popular dance competition show Street Woman Fighter 2 sparked allegations of racism. The controversial sequence, which has now been omitted by Mnet from the aired episode, saw one of the contestants making comments about her competitor which many viewers have interpreted as racially biased.

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The contention began when Latrice, a talented Black dancer from Australia, was named the winner of a dance-off challenge against Redlic. This decision didn’t sit well with Redlic, who expressed her dissent in a preview clip teased by Mnet.

To be honest, I thought it was unfair. It looked like she was not even trying. She’s competing with her physical strength. That’s what I was thinking. I was grinding my teeth while dancing because I wanted to win so bad.

— Redlic on Latrice winning

The phrase “competing with her physical strength” drew immediate criticism from international audiences, many of whom saw this as a racially charged microaggression against Latrice, who is a Black woman.

The situation escalated further when, in another clip, Redlic, who speaks Korean, took the reins as the “main dancer,” seemingly sidelining Latrice by giving instructions in a language Latrice does not understand.

Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage over these incidents. Comments ranged from calling out Redlic for her perceived “sore loser” attitude to accusing her of “blatant racism.” Some fans remarked upon the irony of certain individuals wanting to adopt elements of Black culture but disrespecting Black artists.

Others pointed out the microaggressions Latrice has faced throughout the competition, emphasizing the need for Mnet to rethink its approach and treatment of international participants.

Following the widespread backlash from both international and Korean viewers of the show, many fans noticed the absence of the controversial scene from the aired episode. This omission led to further debate online, with fans questioning Mnet’s intentions and accusing the network of capitalizing on international dancers for viewership, only to later edit out sensitive content.

The incident on Street Woman Fighter 2 has opened up discussions on racism, cultural appreciation vs. appropriation, and the responsibilities of broadcasting networks regarding the treatment of international contestants on such shows. The controversy stemming from Redlic’s comments underscores the need for sensitivity and awareness when broaching topics of race and ethnicity, even more so on global platforms.

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