Japanese Version Of “Produce 101” Faces Backlash For Filming In Korea, Mnet Explains

Mnet explained the plans.

The Japanese version of Produce 101 is currently underway, and it was revealed that they are filming the whole show in Korea. The Korean public began to criticize Mnet for doing business with Japan in creating the Japanese version of the show.


Mnet released an official statement explaining that the Japanese cast was only filming a part of the show in Korea due to studio issues in Japan.

The Japanese version of Produce 101 is currently being filmed in Korea. The Japanese producers only requested that they film in Korea due to issues with their indoor studio and production schedule.

Produce 101 Japanese version will only air in Japan. They are only shooting some of the episodes in Korea and the rest will be filmed in Japan.

— Mnet


Despite the fact that the Japanese version of Produce 101 was planned even before PRODUCE X 101, much of the Korean public continued to criticize Mnet for doing business with Japan.


Korea and Japan’s political tensions that have existed since World War II have recently erupted again as Japan threatened to slow down exports of materials essential to South Korean industries this past Friday. Thousands of Korean protesters have been marching the streets ever since, accusing Japan of an economic invasion.


The Japanese version of the show will follow along with the same fundamental aspects of the series, where the final group will debut with 11 members. The final winners are set to debut in 2020.

Source: TV Report