Mnet Postpones New Audition Program “Teen Singer”

This comes in light of recent controversies.

Mnet‘s Teen Singer has been postponed indefinitely.

According to multiple sources on November 21, Mnet decided to postpone the formation of Teen Singer, which was scheduled to start production by early 2020. Applicants have already been informed of the show being delayed. Recruitment for the program began earlier this year.

The program was meant to be similar to Mnet’s High School Rapper, in which students from different high school levels from different regions of Korea come together and form teams. The contestants were then eliminated one by one until there is one remaining victor. Teen Singer was meant to follow the same premise, except that it will be a vocal-based program.

After the arrest of PD Ahn Joon Young and other members of the production staff due to fraud and the rigging of votes for all four seasons of Produce, many debates on whether Mnet should continue to release survival programs.

Groups IZ*ONE (debuted through Produce 48) and X1 (debuted through Produce X 101) are currently under scrutiny despite the members themselves not being involved in the rigging of votes. As a result, many perceive Mnet and the artists they produce in a bad light.

An official released a statement to TV Daily, saying,

To imrpove the program’s completion, we are adjusting the schedule. The program was scheduled to launch by early 2020, but the exact schedule now is undecided.

Source: TV Daily