Mnet Announces IZ*ONE To Resume Activities Starting In February

Who’s excited for their return?

On January 23 KST, Mnet released an official statement regarding the promotion of girl group IZ*ONE. “Mnet and the group’s agency have taken into the consideration the opinions of the members and the fans and have decided to start promotions.”


They revealed that the group would begin promotions starting February. “IZ*ONE will begin promoting in February. We will release further details in the near future.”

They added that because this was situation was not the fault of the members or the company and hoped that everyone would continue to support them.


Below is the full statement from Mnet:

Hello this is Mnet. First, we would like to thank the fans who have continued to support IZ*ONE and have waited for their return. We have discussed this matter with the members and the agency and have made the decision to start promotions for IZ*ONE. They will officially begin their promotions again starting in February and details on this will be released in the near future. We hope that the members will be able to heal and move on from this situation through the love and support of their fans. This matter was not the members or the agency’s fault and we hope that they will not be hurt by something like this again. Please continue to support them as they continue their promotions. Thank you.


Due to the recent controversy of Mnet PD Ahn Joon Young’s manipulation of votes for Produce 48, group IZ*ONE’s comeback was delayed.

Congrats to IZ*ONE for their return!

Source: mydaily