Korean Model Lee Pyeong Passes Away At The Age Of 43 — Celebrities Speak Out In Sorrow And Regret

Our deepest condolences to the late model.

On June 1, it was reported that fashion model Lee Pyeong passed away on May 31 after battling cancer.

| @model_2_pyeong/Instagram

Two months ago, Lee Pyeong gave her last update on social media, telling people that she is “eating and living well.” She posted selfies of her at the hair salon and pictures of food.

| @model_2_pyeong/Instagram

Aw man… I don’t want to do Instagram because I’m tired of it these days… People keep asking me if something happened if I don’t upload; I’m eating well and living well.🤪
It’s already April 🌱 Spring has come and my hair has grown messy, so I went to the hair salon and had a lot of lunch and dinner 😁

— Lee Pyeong

The news of Lee Pyeong’s death became known through fellow model Lee Sun Jin.


On her Instagram, Lee Sun Jin posted pictures of Lee Pyeong, along with information about her memorial service, and wrote a caption remembering the model. She expressed her condolences and apologized to the late Lee Pyeong for not contacting her often.

| @leesunjin_model/Instagram

I couldn’t contact you or treat you to a good meal, and time flew by. Honestly, I was scared that you were very sick, and I once avoided contacting you because of my cowardice. I’m sorry. Please forgive me for being a fool… I’m writing this in hopes that you won’t be lonely during your passing, but I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. Pyeong, please don’t be sick there, smile more, and be happy. Let’s meet again next time. I’m sorry, Pyeong. I love you, Pyeong.

— Lee Sun Jin

Actor Heo Jung Min also spoke out about Lee Pyeong’s passing and apologized for not contacting her more often when she was alive.

| BNT News

On June 1, he wrote a message on his social media.

Noona. We said we’d walk our dogs together. I didn’t even know you were sick. I’m sorry…. I was so busy living my life that I always just responded to your texts, and never texted you first. To my warm and kind Pyeong noona, I hope you enjoy walks in a good place and live happily.

— Heo Jung Min

Lee Pyeong in 2005 | @model_2_pyeong/Instagram

Meanwhile, Lee Pyeong made her debut as a model when she was 18. She walked the runway on fashion shows for notable fashion designers such as Andre Kim, Lee Sang Bong, and Kwak Hyun Joo.

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