12-Year-Old Girl Suicides After Participating In Disturbing “Momo Challenge”

Warning: Graphics below may be traumatizing.

It has been reported that a 12-year-old girl from Argentina suicided after participating in a challenge that is known as the “Momo challenge”.

The girl was found hanging from a tree in her backyard in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Argentina, leaving behind a video saying that she committed suicide because of Momo.


The “Momo challenge” has been going viral in Japan, Colombia and Mexico. It involves a series of challenges that are proposed by unknown individual(s) on social media that goes by the name “Momo”.

Momo can be found on Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube with a profile picture of a creepy woman with bulging eyes and two legs.


The challenge apparently begins with a text message from Momo who sends terrifying images, threatening the recipient to participate in the following challenges. Momo then continues to challenge the recipient to various cruel acts with the last challenge being suicide.

Momo uses numerous of disturbing ways to frighten the recipient such as calling through an unknown number and making frightening screaming noises.


The image used for the “Momo Challenge” apparently is not correlated with the creators of the challenge. The sculpture is named “Mother Bird”, created by the Japanese special effects company, Link Factory. It was recently exhibited at the Vanilla Gallery in Japan.


Police around the world have been warning parents of this phenomenon as it targets insecure teenagers between the ages of 13-19. It is believed to be a hoax that may lead to information hacking and blackmailing.

Source: Nextshark