Past Video Of MOMOLAND’s Daisy Talking About iKON’s Yunhyeong Resurfaces After Dating Rumors

Fans are scavenging for possible hints to their rumored relationship.

Recently, MOMOLAND‘s Daisy and iKON‘s Song Yunhyeong were wrapped up in dating rumors that MLD Entertainment confirmed but YG Entertainment denied.


During the on going confusion of which agency is telling the truth and which is not, an old video of Daisy talking in great  detail about Song Yunhyeong’s attractive talent resurfaced!


Back in November 2017, Daisy confessed that her ideal type is “a guy who can cook“. She find “guys who know their way around the kitchen to be so attractive!


She described him as a man “who’s known for his soft, moisturized lips“, “looks amazing with an apron on“, and “kind-hearted.


Daisy gushed over his thoughtfulness, where he cooks for his bandmates while being considerate to each of their tastes.


She also praised him for his devotion to his fans, frequently staying up to cook live for his fans even after a long day at a concert rehearsal.


Fans couldn’t help but fall in love with this video as they began searching for connections to their dating rumor.


Whether they’re dating or just close friends, Daisy was spot on with everything she said about Yunhyeong!