MOMOLAND Members Open Individual Instagram Accounts Except Daisy And Taeha

How long will fans have to wait for a response?

MOMOLAND’s Daisy and Taeha are currently on hiatus due to undisclosed reasons. The remaining seven members of the group made a comeback this past March with their album, Show Me.



It’s been eight months since their last album, and is still no news or updates regarding the two members.

The agency’s official social media accounts did not mention anything about Daisy and Taeha, either.




Recently, a post on MOMOLAND’s official Instagram account revealed that all the seven members have opened up their accounts. The post reads, “Finally! All the members of Momoland now have their accounts. Come follow Ahin now!”




Fans are worried because there is still no mention of Daisy and Taeha.

Recently on November 10, MOMOLAND celebrated its third anniversary since debut and confused fans with the congratulatory photo revealing only seven members.





Fans are still not receiving any explanation regarding these two members. Daisy’s mother also posted a comment online, worrying fans about their well-being. Fans are still waiting for any response from MLD Entertainment.