Momoland’s JooE Dyes Her Hair Black For The First Time Since Debut

She looks completely different!

Momoland‘s JooE has always donned brightly colored hair that matched his vibrant personality. She was platinum blonde when she first rose to stardom during their ‘Bboom Bboom’ promotions.


She’s been blonde since Momoland debuted in 2016!


She gave a cute twist to her brightly colored hair by dying it pink…


… but JooE recently stepped out at a public appearance with brand new dark locks!


Netizens described her as “unrecognizable” as JooE looked different in her long, black hair style.


You could say it was difficult to pin-point JooE on stage now without her signature blonde hair!


But nonetheless, JooE looks absolutely stunning her new do!


Her dark hair may have given her a different aura…


… but that same fiery personality of JooE’s remains the same!


Look at her glow on stage!


It’s without a doubt, JooE is beautiful in all colors of the hair-spectrum!


Black-JooE is ready to take on the world!

Source: Nate Pann