MONSTA X’s I.M. To Release Mixtape Titled “HORIZON” In Collaboraton With ELHAE

MONBEBEs, are you ready for this?

It was recently revealed that MONSTA X‘s rapper, releasing a solo mixtape titled HORIZON. 

I.M. spoke about his mixtape in an exclusive interview for Kpopmap.

 In this Mixtape, there is my own music color. It is of slow tempo. It is very sexy. I am collaborating with an American artist and the song will be in English. Please wait for it!

— I.M.

Now, the American artist in question has been revealed to be ELHAE.

ELHAE, whose name is an acronym for “Every Life Has An Ending”, is credited as one of today’s “most innovative and undeniable new artists”. His latest release, Trouble In Paradise, has been touted as a fresh injection of ELHAE’s distinctive R&B sound.

Judging by his recent interactions with MONBEBE, ELHAE can’t wait for this collaboration with I.M. to be released as well.

Horizon is due to be released on April 19, 12am KST.

Source: Kpopmap, Billboard and Broadway World