MYX TV to air Inkigayo and “K-Pop Incubation” in the U.S

On December 12th, Billboard exclusively revealed that MYX TV is set to be the first U.S. cable network to air SBS’s Inkigayo.MYX TV is a channel that is geared airing English content on Asian-American entertainment . Currently, Americans fans have only been able to catch M Countdown on Mnet America, but soon enough they will be able to start enjoying Inkigyo from the comfort of their own homes via MYX TV. Two preview episodes are set to be aired on December 18th and December 23rd, which will be followed by the full, current series on January 14th at 8:00PM EST.

Additionally, fans are in for a special treat as MYX TV is also set to premiere a documentary series titled K-Pop Incubation. This series will premiere on December 16th at 8PM EST and will reveal the training process of a K-Pop trainee. It will explore artists such as AOA, BEAST, 4Minute and more. It also gives us a sneak peek into Cube Entertainment’s upcoming international girl group, CLC, through an interview with Thai member, Sorn.

Source: Billboard