Actor Na In Woo Cast In New Romcom “Please Marry My Husband” But Netizens Are Not Happy To See Who His Co-Star Will Be

His co-star has been prevented from leaving the country due to investigations.

Rising actor Na In Woo has been confirmed for the K-Drama adaption of the webtoon, Please Marry My Husband.

The original webtoon is about the female lead, Kang Ji Won, who is terminally ill. She witnesses her husband, Park Min Hwan, cheat on her with her best friend, Jung Soo Min. After her husband kills her, she travels back in time to ten years ago. With this new chance at life, she plans her revenge with the help of her boss, Yoo Ji Hyuk.

Poster for the webtoon. | Naver Webtoon

Please Marry My Husband has already cast actress Park Min Young as the female lead, Kang Ji Won. Lee Yi Kyung will play the husband, Park Min Hwan. Na In Woo is slated for the male lead role, Yoo Ji Hyuk.

Park Min Young. | HOOK Entertainment

This would be a breakthrough role for Na In Woo, who has been working his way up with smaller roles. Despite this big break, netizens are displeased at his choice of work due to the female lead and the controversy surrounding her.

Netizen reaction to the casting. | theqoo
  • “Ugh… Park Min Young sure is impressive.”
  • “No, but why Park Min Young?”
  • “Does it have to be Park Min Young?”
  • “Park Min Young…”
  • “Park Min Young e_e Did they really have no one else for it? The male lead is so perfect, though.”
  • “No, but why.”
  • “Isn’t she banned from leaving the country? Well, even the first lady was ruled innocent, so…”

This is due to Park Min Young’s suspected involvement with her ex-boyfriend’s crimes. In February, she was banned from leaving the country by prosecutors. Although she has denied any involvement with her ex-boyfriend’s crimes, prosecutors found that her name was used in some of his financial dealings. She is still under investigation at the moment.

Source: theqoo
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