Comedian Nam Hee Seok Under Fire For Sexual Harassment Against Model Kang Ye Bin

Tables have turned.

MC Kim Gu Ra and comedian Nam Hee Seok have been stirring up the industry with recent news, as Nam Hee Seok publicly criticized Kim Gu Ra for his bad attitude against guests on MBC’s Radio Star. While Nam Hee Seok received the favor of the public for saying what everyone was feeling about Kim Gu Ra, Nam Hee Seok’s past comments on model Kang Ye Bin‘s Instagram post has everyone feeling a little differently.

| Starnews

It was reported that on a previous post by the beauty, Nam Hee Seok had commented the following.

I’m sorry…dongsaeng…oppa will stop…my thumb and index finger will stop…I zoomed in on the photo…

— Nam Hee Seok

While he did not specify where or why he zoomed in, as much was inferred by netizens. Many female netizens were reported to have criticized the comedian saying that he was way too bold for posting that comment publicly, as well as accused him of being a kkondae, a term for an old-fashioned person unable to keep up with the new era and societal change.

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Contextually, Nam Hee Seok is 49 years old this year while Kang Ye Bin is 37. He also has been married since 2000, with a child. It seems that the tides have temporarily shifted and the attention deviated from Kim Gu Ra – Radio Star recently also defended Kim Gu Ra’s character on the show as a setup.


Source: Starnews