Netizens React To Former After School Member Nana’s Tattoos, Plus Nana’s Label Responds To Whether The Tattoos Are Real

Nana’s label, Pledis Entertainment, has responded.

Previously we reported on former After School Nana‘s shocking transformation.

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On September 20, the actress appeared at a press conference held for her upcoming movie, Confession, with never-before-seen tattoos that ran across her body.

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The actresses body, from her shoulders to her ankles, were covered in tattoos, with smaller pieces sprinkled alongside larger ones.

Everyone was shocked since she had never showed anyone these tattoos. Also, according to her Instagram, if these tattoos are real, it means she got them done in a really short period of time.

Not everyone is convinced they are real, however. Netizens reacted to the actress’s tattoos in an online community, where many alleged the tattoos were stickers.

  • “You can tell that it’s fake. It is really corny.”
  • “I thought by now she would be a top celebrity.”
  • “I also thought she would be much more active and establish herself as a top actress by now.”
  • “Looks fake.”
  • “It’s a sticker.”

According to a report by news outlet Osen, when asked if the tattoos were authentic, the actress’s label, Pledis Entertainment, responded.

Due to it being a private matter for the artist, we aren’t able to answer at this time.

— Pledis

What do you think? Are the tattoos real or fake?

Source: Nate Pann and Osen