Naver And HYBE To Create Original Webtoon Series About BTS

Who’s excited for this collaboration?

Naver Webtoon will be collaborating with HYBE to promote the production of BTS webtoons and web novels. At the Naver Meetup online event, Naver Webtoon CEO Kim Jun Goo announced that the would collaborate with a global entertainment company to promote a “super casting” project that produces super IP as original content for webtoons or web novels.

The first collaboration partners are HYBE and DC Comics. With HYBE, they will create webtoons and web novels in collaboration with various artists under HYBE. For DC Comics, they will create original webtoons using the DC Comics storyline or characters.

The creations produced in this way can be enjoyed by fans around the world through Naver’s Global Story Tech Platform, which combines Naver Webtoon and Wattpad. Kim Jun Goo commented, “Through Naver’s IP value chain, the hottest contents in the global entertainment field will be made. We will continue to make new attempts so that storytelling contents can emerge as a core element in the global entertainment industry.”

Source: star today