Nayeon Is Officially The Most Successful IU Fangirl

Nayeon has achieved something most fans only dream of.

It’s well-documented that Nayeon is a huge IU fangirl. On multiple occasions, Nayeon has been caught staring at IU and even sending her heart signs.


And sadly, she hasn’t been the luckiest Uaena, not even among her own group members.

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But things changed on Valentine’s Day this year, when Nayeon successfully gave IU a flower at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.


In fact, IU even snapped a photo of herself with the very same flower in her mouth backstage at the show.


And more than three months later, fans snapped photos of IU leaving from event – with the same flower still in her car!

IU must really love that flower! She keeps it right up front with her in the front seat of her car.


Nayeon is truly a successful fangirl!