NCT 127 Just Debuted 3 New Songs At Their Concert In New Jersey

What a day for NCTzens!

NCT 127 kicked off the first stop in their Neo City – The Origin tour at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

NCTzens in attendance were caught by surprise when the boys dropped 3 unreleased songs from their latest album, WE ARE SUPERHUMAN, without any warning at all.

The first surprise was “Jet Lag”, a currently unreleased track set to appear on the new album. NCTzens were treated to the band’s “romantic” side to the tunes of a piano ballad.

Then, the group teased NCTzens with the music video for “Highway to Heaven”. NCTzens were treated to the full song while feasting their eyes on the “black-and-white visual” of the song.

After the video, NCT 127 dropped the full performance of their title track, “SUPERHUMAN”.

While fans may have seen a  snippet of the performance on Good Morning America, the full version included a rap section and a longer chorus.

Mark gave a heart-felt reflection on the group’s journey and their role in promoting K-Pop’s “western crossover”.

What we’re doing, and what we’re doing on this tour, is not something that should be thought about lightly. Bringing K-pop, there’s a significance to that and I’m very very grateful. Thank you so much for showing up today. I’m going to be honest, before we even started the tour, I was nervous because we have to bring this K-pop culture and all that we do to North America. I want to thank you guys for being that confidence and allowing us to do what we do. I think that’s the best relationship that any performer can have.

— Mark

NCT 127 is set to perform at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta on April 26.

Source: Billboard