NCT 127 Was Mobbed At Mexican Airport While Security Was Caught Filming Them

Even security failed them.

On May 21, NCT 127 stopped in Mexico for their Neo City – The Origin tour, but their arrival at the airport didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

In addition to NCT’s own staff, there were fans who acted as a second line of defense to protect the idols from overzealous fans. But, it wasn’t enough.

Everything seemed to be fine at first. All of the fans had been watching NCT arrive from a reasonable distance, but they got closer and closer as more of the members appeared until it became chaos.

Unfortunately, it escalated to the point where fans put their hands on the members. There were accounts of Taeyong and Jungwoo being physically hit and shoved. Here, one overzealous fan touched Yuta‘s head by trying to take his hat.

On top of that, a security employee tasked with protecting NCT was instead seen recording them with her phone.

Everyone deserves personal space and the right to feel safe, and NCT wasn’t given those basic rights. Hopefully NCT didn’t sustain any injuries and weren’t seriously harmed.

There were a lot of things that went wrong in this situation. But, it can act as a learning experience on the importance of safety for both fans and idols.