NCT 127’s Taeyong Shares What Concept He Would Like To Try Next…And It’s Unexpectedly Hilarious

Do you think NCT 127 can pull it off?

NCT 127‘s Taeyong asked fans during his latest live broadcast what sort of concept they should have for their next comeback, and his suggestion caught everyone off guard.


His first answer was the “hi-teen concept” because he wants to “try something fun but cool.” Normal enough, right? But it was the song that he thought of next as an example that stunned everyone.

Taeyong laughed and admitted that their song “SKIBIDI” is shocking and funny, but he held respect for Little Big (the artists) and said they were genius.

He then pulled up another song of theirs “Uno” and said that he believes that he and the members would be able to pull off the look “awesomely.”

The look and concept in question:

What do you guys think? Can they pull it off?

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