NCT Gears Up For A Comeback With NCT 2020… 5 Relatable Struggle Tweets From NCTzens

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NCTzens were set in a flurry this morning as news of NCT‘s upcoming comeback, “NCT 2020“, was officially been announced! A chart of supposed plans for SM Entertainment‘s latter half of the year sprung up for the fandom without any prior notice.

It couldn’t have been any more perfect in timing as fans were anxious to hear back from SM Entertainment about their official comeback plans!

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SM Entertainment had previously told media outlets that although the members were preparing an album, they would release official news later once schedules were confirmed.

For those confused about the NCT 2020 structure, previously in 2018, SM Entertainment released NCT 2018 as a group, coming up with the album NCT 2018 EMPATHY. The project group back then had 18 members in total, including NCT 127, NCT U and NCT DREAM.

NCT U | SM Entertainment

As the news hit unexpectedly, NCTzens had the most relatable yet hilarious reactions ever. Here are 5 struggle tweets that had us laughing.

1. The low probabilities of getting your bias’ photocard

A fan calculated the probabilities based on the number of members, either 18 for NCT 2018 as it is, or 21 including WayV‘s Yangyang, Hendery and Xiaojun. Unfortunately, they’re probably lower than striking lotto.

2. Say goodbye to school or work-life balance

For those that have great time management, you might be able to pull your secret double life as an NCTzen and a regular student without a hitch, but for the rest of us…

3. Say what now?

New NCTzens may not know this, but back in 2018, fans’ eardrums suffered every time the boys gathered together. Off-stage that is!

4. Your starter pack to the fandom

NCT’s relations are so confusing that one needs an entire chart to explain it – and even then, it is still hard to understand.

5. But we’re here for the chaotic energy

Nothing says NCT like chaotic energy and lawful evil! Their hilarious antics are a reason fans love them in the first place.

Are we ready for the boys to hit us with their new project group and album? Stay tuned for updates!

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