NCT Dream Reveals How They Feel About Working On Music As All Adults Compared To During Debut

We miss the young NCT Dream though!

NCT Dream famously debuted as a team of teenagers, when all members had yet to hit adulthood. Now, 5 years into their debut, all the members have turned adults, even the maknae Jisung! Hot Sauce will be their first-ever album with all members as adults, and NCT Dream’s first comeback with Mark rejoining the group after his graduation.

During their press conference for the new album, the members spoke about working on music with all members as adults. Jisung in particular expressed that he feels more at ease now.

I think there’s the side that’s a little more at ease compared to when I was a minor. It is probably because, after experiencing many things I learned some know-how.

— Jisung

As for Jeno, he was reminded of how young they were at debut.

The thing I thought of the most, was that we were really young when we first debuted. If I were to use “taste” (the Korean title for the album) to express it, it is that I used to only feel one taste but as time passed, we came to have a variety of tastes.

— Jeno

Even so, we’re sure that fans miss the younger days when the boys were much greener! Be sure to check out the comeback at 5pm KST on May 10, 2021.

Source: Star Today


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